‚Yes, we are moving to our new house!‘

Where do you stay now?‘

‚Next to the science department at the campus. We have an apartment there.‘

Ahh, I know the place. Where is your new house?‘

‚Oh, it’s also on the campus, but not next to the classrooms. Its a lectures house, which is between the class rooms and the student hostels.‘

‚So and why do you move?‘

‚Because the apartment was only temporarly, it is needed now. The house will also offer us a little more privacy. The kitchen is not in front of an office anymore and also Rike and me will have more space. We will have two bedrooms and a livingroom.‘

‚Sounds good!!‘

‚Yes, we are really happy about it!! After we finished some painting and some repairing this week we feel really excited about moving in finally!!‘

‚That sounds great! Do you need help for the moving? When excactly do you move?‘

‚This weekend. Maybe you can come on sunday for the heavy things?‘

‚Yes, sure!!‘


‚ We already organized some furniture for the kitchen at the campus ground!! *Sperrmüll-Style* So its only the beds some stuff and the fridge!‘


‚Don’t worry. See you on sunday!‘




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